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It would seem that there is little that we can do other than apologise to subscribers.

Transit Australia

The journal follows developments in the urban passenger transport industry across Australia and New Zealand.

Published monthly by Transit Australia Digital.

Transit Australia Journal

The journal is unique in that it considers all modes: Both heavy and light rail, ferry and bus, as well as occasional feature articles focussing on information, fares and ticketing, new technologies, accessibility and some of the political and environmental aspects of urban passenger transport; all considered within the context of the relationship between land use planning and transport.

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Due to a number of problems the February issue of Transit Australia
is running late and will be published in the frst week of March.

Current Transit Australia CoverJanuary 2018 Issue

Australian cities and their metropolitan plans
Freeing up the huge areas set aside for parking can transform our cities
City-wide trial shows how road use charges can reduce traffic jams
Light Rail construction in Randwick
Queensland Election public transport policies
Sydney Metro City & Southwest Sydenham to Bankstown EIS Wellington turns its back on trolleybuses
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